Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Nate Berkus Day!

The fabulous Moggit Girls have organized an official “Nate Berkus Day” after creating an incredible buzz about Nate’s new show on Twitter!! Here a some of the reasons why I love his work so much:

"I really want people to figure out how to connect with their own spaces. You have to simplify things..."
Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus' casual, mix-and-match approach to decorating has a lot of appeal. His attention to detail... {plus loove all the cute coffee & tray tables he always uses in his work... always very delicate & charming}! Of course it doesn't hurt sharing a passion for black floors and soft color palette! Now to you...what do you like the most about his design style?

Happy Day Nate!! and thanks for being such an inspiration!!

*Thank you Sacramento Style, ABCD Design for the heads up & Moggit Girls for organizing this!!

{Images via 1stDibs & Flickr}


Debby said...

Love that 5th photo! Every day should be Nate day ~ he is just so cute too! xo

Carly Anne said...

I love the white wash with the sprinkled statement pieces. Gorgeous.


All this is Grace and Charm

Creategirl said...

oh wow, this is the first look I have had on that 4th photo. I always loved the kitchen but love the 2 rooms together. I wonder if they flow into each other? Thanks for participating in our NateDay!

haircutting in high heels said...

Doggie in a basky and chandeliers everywhere, my kind of home, Love Nate, congrats to him and you for a great post,

Daniella said...

Wow... umm gorgeous! What a great collection... I always loved one tip from him that i'll remember forever... to frame thing other than photos, like special notes from a loved one or someone you admire. That's so special!

charmaine said...

hi Sasha!

Amazing! Absolutely beautiful! I love the chandelier in that bedroom. Every room is spectacular. I am a huge fan of mix and match. That's my kind of decorating. Thanks for sharing and thank you for your visit today! Wishing you a wonderful week!

God Bless,

Punctuation Mark said...

such great spaces... he definitely is an incredibly talented guy!

Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

there's a lot of single elements i like - but i dunno if his "together" is what i would like .. but i can see how other's would DIE for his work!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Susan said...

oh these are beautiful!
simplicity- that's my word! :)

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