Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Weekend!! + Links

How are you fabulous ladies {& gents}!! Another week has flown by...! My mother left on Wednesday {my father had to go back sooner} and I can steel smell her perfume every time I walk by the guest bedroom...*sigh*

Anyway, what I did get was some much needed rest!!! and I am looking forward to even more...between some basketball games, birthdays parties... and some beach time on Sunday!! ...and how can I forget some Soccer World Cup time!!!!!

Here are a couple of links you might like:

Take the color quiz... all sorts of data about your personality will be revealed!

You can now print your own {super cute} recipe cards!

DIY Father’s Day Gift For Your Superhero {full of yumminess and laughter!!}

Beautiful Quote!

I want this cutlery packets for my next picnic!

Are you feeling festive?

Moonlight and Cheesecake

I want this summer boots!!!

If you are interested in advertising in your blog make sure you read this!

FREE 4th of July printables!{as shared on Facebook earlier this week!}

For the little ones La Petite Mag

I you haven't already the new issue of Lonny Mag it's out!

For all the Fashionistas...the new issue of Glossy Mag is here!!

A few posts you might have missed this week:
Wedding Gowns by Matthew Williamson
Stranded in an island by Mario Sierra
Room of the Day!
Memories of the Beach!
When everything else fails..get some luscious flower bouquets!

...remember that every Friday we have the style series {only a couple more to go...}! Thank you Kate from wit + delight for sharing your style secrets this week with us!!

Thank you Jackie from Sweet Pie Pumpkin Noodle for inviting me to your book series {go here}!! This was so much fun!!

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend!! Any fun plans on your end?

Thanks for stopping by, for all your comments and emails....thank you!!! It means more than you would ever know!!!

*may loveliness surround you wherever you are....!!*

{Image via The Fashion Spot}


haircutting in high heels said...

Thank you so much for the link sharing some great tips for bloggers in advertising and great visuals in glossy and Lonny.
Happy Weekend to you ❤

la petite fashionista said...

lovely links!

so glad you had that time to spend with your mom. I recently took a week-long road trip with my mom up to my internship and it was quite the experience! I don't think either of us will ever forget it :)

Liz said...


Thanks so much for all the fantastic links. I am definately checking out those summer boots and Glossy magazine.

Enjoy the rest of your lovely weekend.

Ciaocito oxox

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Thank you for all of the links! What a perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday night.

Sarah Klassen said...

Hello Sasha! So sorry to hear that they had to leave, but so happy that your relationship with your Mum is growing stronger and stronger. It's so important to love and appreciate our Mothers... I'm super close with my Mum :)

Wishing you a fantastic weekend!!


Cara said...

Me and my mom have always got along, but I think I appreciate her more now...oh and when she stays over I smell her perfume dayyys after she leaves too :)

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