Wednesday, June 16, 2010

J' Adore: Rustic Rattan

“It's one of the reasons people love to go to Provence, not to see what is new but rather to relive the magic of their first experience there. It's comforting to know it will be just as you remembered it.”
Kim Brockinton

Dreaming of al fresco dining with friends and family in a beautiful cottage in Provence, surrounded by touches of rustic rattan.... adding that special French provincial charm!

Don't you love how certain materials evoke certain regions, or time period... and how by incorporating them in your decor you can create a vibe of it in your own house?

How is your day going? Only two more days to go......

{Images via Linens & Lavender}


miguel said...

first i want to say o really like your blog full of new and stylish articles and pics. if you love rattan right here in Colombia there are great works with this material indeed in clothes , and if you ever got to Cartagena de Indias you will faint of pleasure !!

Splendid Willow said...

Sasha, first time commenting here (but I have been stalking you for a few days!)and I just have to say - what a fantastic eye you have! I absolutely love your style and taste.

I am so looking forward to following your blog.

Happy rest of the week!

ox, Mon

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Thank you Mon so much for your lovely words!! I discovered your blog yesterday and love it!! Look forward to getting to know you!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Sarah Klassen said...

So lovely! Such pretty pieces... they remind me of Summer :)


I'd love to be eating at that table right now :)

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