Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Look fabulous without breaking the Bank with Rent the Runway

Have you ever spent more money than what you wanted to in that one of a kind dress for your friend's wedding only to see it collect dust and never wear it again? Or how about going to your company's meeting with that very chic DVF? Or have you ever fantasized with that designer's dress for a special night out but couldn't justify splurging on an outfit you'd only wear just once or twice? Well our prayers have been answered....!! Thanks to Rent the Runway we can now look fabulous without breaking the bank! Think Netflix but for dresses...!

They have DVF, Lela Rose, Nicolle Miller, Gryphon... and many more !!! I spent hours last night and they have a fabulous selection for day & night dresses plus to-die-for accessories. The rentals run from $50 to $200 for a four-night loan and are shipped directly to the your doorstep in two different sizes.... just to be safe! They have same-day delivery for NYC and next-day everywhere else in the U.S.!

When buying new clothes I always do the mathematical equation of cost/#of time used... but for weddings or special occasion the result never worked on my favor! Now it does!!

And just for you Everything Fabulous readers, you can now beat the wait-list and sign up {here}!

Now that is fabulous!!


Hayley Golightly Style said...

what an amazing concept! I love this!

Debby said...

Such a great idea! Now everyone can dress in designer for that special event. xo

Sarah Klassen said...

Sounds great to me! I have done exactly that a few times -- splurged on a dress I have only worn once... no more! I only buy what I love, and pieces that can be dressed up or down easily. Thanks for this tip, lovely lady :)


Lis said...

Great outfits!

Andrea said...

Great idea! Im going to check them out!

Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

i've been a member for awhile - i have yet to borrow a dress tho :o( ,,, just haven't had an occasion to do so - then again WHO needs an occasion ..

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

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