Saturday, June 5, 2010

Take it outside!

Love doing an everyday thing in an extraordinary way (even though my husband might want something simpler sometimes..)! Going the extra mile and setting a nice table reminds me what is really important in life...sharing it with those we love! And what better than to take the celebration outside.....! That second picture makes me want to take all my white tablecloth out!!

What part of entertaining or even going the extra mile for an intimate family meal you like the most?

{Images via 1. Brabourne Farm 2. Dress, Design & Decor 3.Gathering Spriggs}


Debby said...

That 2nd photo is gorgeous! xo

Susan said...

wow, beautiful!

mary said...

i love doing those little extras (finally lighting the candles that have been on the table for months, getting flowers, using napkin rings i love, but forgot were in that drawer!)

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