Thursday, July 8, 2010

Color Inspiration: Vintage Blue

... luscious vintage blue satin ribbons, antique jewelry, family glass collection, 1940's crystal chandelier.... they all seem to have in common that essence of subtle elegance and chicness... and tradition...! Would love to use this color in a little corner of my house...! How cute would it be to paint the back of a book case in this very coveted vintage blue? or the guest bathroom with chic touches of gold leaf frames..? ..or just set a simple table with a white table cloth and vintage blue napkins... faaa.bulous!!

What other way would you use such a delicate shade of blue?

Hope you are having a lovely summer day!!

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{Image via 1. TIG 2. Moodboard via Simply Seductive 3.Haute Design via Simply Seductive}


Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

i have a ring just like the one in the last pic - thought i'd share that :o)~ ... oh but mine is a total cheapy one - haha

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Could I Have That? said...

I'm such a fun of a cool blue like that...

hence my bedroom here

love your blog! Following you!

Erica {Studio Eriksdotter} said...

Love the chandelier in the first photo and the floor in the second one. And adding the blues makes it amazingly beautiful, romantic and relaxing.

Liz said...

yet again...another fabulous post. vintage blue is a very fond color for me for more reasons than one. love your ideas of how to incorporate them in your home.


chateaudelille said...

I just love blue so I'm going to have some fun chacking out all your blue posts.Many of mine lean that way becos i love it so much!Fiona

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