Thursday, July 8, 2010

What I Love Today: VALENTINO Bow-embellished satin sandals

Sexy makeup.. fabulous feminine sandals... and I am ready to go!!! I think this shoes are just spectacular!!

Thursday night is here!!! That means date night with my husband...!!! Do you have a special date night you try to keep with your significant other? Hope you have a fabulous night!

*Happy Birthday Net-A-Porter!! For 10 more years of fabulous fashion!!

{Image via Fashion Gone Rogue


dani@callitbeauty said...

fabulous indeed! that is one gorgeous looking pair of shoes!


Debby said...

Very sexy sandals! Enjoy your date night! xo

Anna said...

i just love her hair!!

define1lady said...

Simply gorgeous! Enjoy your date night! XOXOXO

Erica {Studio Eriksdotter} said...

Love that first photo. Reminds me of my mom when she was that age! And the shoes...mamma mia.

Liz said...

great post Sasha. thank you for sharing and i hope you have a fabulous night out with your hubby. the valentinos are not only gorgeous, but also adorable. love the hair and makeup look as well.


Shaz said...

Not a date night as such, but Friday nights it's "classy takeaway" for husband, moi and any kiddles that are home (and their friends). It is our local Italian but has such things on the menu as "squid ink risotto" with THE BIGGEST whole tiger prawns - so it is a "special takeaway" not the greasy fish and chip variety.

I think if you wore those shoes, your date night would be a very successful one (wink). Enjoy.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I was just looking some of Valentino's other bow sandals! Le sigh.

How lovely that you have date night! We don't do that but should!

Simone Howell said...

Sexy makeup and Valentino heels... Because you know those shoes not only make, but ARE the outfit ;)

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