Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: Retro Look by Marloes Horst for Jackie September/October 2010

It's all about retro look, batty eyes and fiery red locks! There is something so fierce & sophisticated about red hair..! I was actually talking this morning with a friend about changing my hair red {I'm light blond with blond highlights}....! What do you think? I always try to have a warmer color for fall & winter!

Love the white dress with those fabulous shoes!
Hope you had a great day!

{Image via FGR photography via Marc de Groot}


princessandp said...

LOVE the red!! It reminds me of Joan from Mad Men - so sassy & fierce :)
I'm naturally dark blonde but my mother and two of my siblings are natural redheads so I thought I'd be able to go red - so, so wrong. It looked awful! A bright red would probably look great if you've got light hair, though ;)

Daniella said...

I had red for a little while, sort of a dark reddish brown... but now i'm thinking blonde! What is it bout Fall that always makes you want to change your hair? You should go for it though, just get the salon to pick the right shade for your skintone!

Carly Anne said...

As a natural fiery redhead, I'm just thrilled that our day has come. =)


All this is Grace and Charm

Sarah Klassen said...

Go for it! I will not color my hair -- I am a natural redhead and far too afraid of what it might do to my color! ... love the layered, scalloped dress, by the way :)


Kimberlee said...

that hair is hot!

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