Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy weekend + Links

So many things planned for the weekend but for the most part I am looking forward to just spending two long days at the beach and enjoying everything summery... eating ice-cream, barbecue by the pool, stopping by the farmers market on Sunday and some photo session with the family {all dressed in white t-shirts and roll-up jeans}!!! I am really trying to enjoy as much as possible every last second of the kids on vacation...!!

Here are a couple of few that you might like:

In need of some inspiration to start your detox? Read this!

An evening in Salzburg, Austria!!

Great Breakfast Inspiration!

A beautiful Place Moss Mountain Farm

Check the 2010 Best Dressed List!

The secret to success!!! great read!

Inspiration on how to decorate a long narrow hallway

Perfect Baby Shower!

A lovely giveaway!

A couple of links you might have missed:
What's for dinner? Walnut & Avocado Salad
DIY Inspiration: Dipped-paint baskets
Decor Inspiration: A Glamorous Powder Room!
Fashion Inspiration: Always a lady!
Decor in Ivory & White!
August is here!

Need to apologize because I am very late in answering emails and also I haven't been able to visit all the lovelies blogs and comment... as mentioned earlier I am really trying to cut back these weeks on my time on the computer and enjoy the rest of the summer with my kids!! School starts in one week so I promise to get back on visiting and commenting!!

I am so excited to welcome our new sponsor Chic Glamorous & Splendid!! Ty is the fabulous fashion and lifestyle photographer behind the new blog! Please stop by!

Thank you for stopping by this week and all your lovely comments!!! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!!!

{Image via Garance Dore}


Casee Marie said...

Beautiful post! I love the photographs, and thanks so much for the links. I'm glad you're getting to enjoy the last bit of summer. :)

Daniella said...

Love the success link... it's so true! Thanks for the link love too :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Ingrid Elizabeth Summers said...

Enjoying you blog....only found it this week.
I'm in the middle of winter here is Cape Town, South Africa....longing for the beach, pool and braai days...hurry!
Enjoy your weekend

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

ooh miss you Sasha!! thanks for the links, enjoy the weekend gorgeous! xoxo

Krystal said...

I loved the links! especially the long narrow hallway decoration one, i have one of those - now it's more fun :)

Mademoiselle Deva said...

The last picture is so beautiful!!! yes do come back on my blog!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

I just love the weekends...and I actually have time to read my fave blogs. Thanks for sharing the baby shower link!! Its awesome!
I was trying to find good ideas for one I am planning.

Tea Joeli said...

amazing shots:)

Photography is one of my biggest passions:)

Francine Gardner said...

Read this article on thursday on The Moss Mountain farm. What an inspiring success story.
Love the black and white photos...

la petite fashionista said...

what beautiful and inspiring images! they're making me miss my hometown and the beach terribly. enjoy the rest of summer with your kids! :)

YELENA said...

SO Gorgeous and Inspiring! Can't wait to be on a Beach! Love your bloga dn your posts, always positive and Inspiring)

Jess said...

Jealous you were at the beach!! Hope it was fun!

v [ hobovogue ] said...

LOVE that second and third photo. gorgeous.

noww... beach time.

<33 [v] hobovogue

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