Friday, August 20, 2010

Have a Fabulous Weekend + Links

It has been a hectic week full of to-do lists, lunch boxes, meetings and more meetings and even though I have been trying to just roll with the punches and get back on track there is still a hole in my heart... I guess time will help life feel like normal again. More than ever spending time with my kids gives me strength to move on...!!! Looking forward to spending a day at the beach and a cute picnic on Sunday. Looking forward to catching up on my book and a couple of magazines... cooking and baking and reading some blogs!!

Here are a few links you might like:

Fashion Inspiration from the Style Queens

Bags with Chain Strap: Fall it Bag

Why Fashion should be Fun by Michael Kors

Lunch Box Sushi!

Perfect Trend spotting! I need that Hermes Bag!!

Rue Magazine sneak peek!! I just can't wait!

Fabulous Flats!

Mango Fall 2010

Feng Shui tips to turn your bedroom into a retreat!

This will be our year! A collection of swoon worthy clothing & accessories....

End of Summer party here & here!

Perfect blue velvet wing chair !

The perfect housewarming cocktail party!

A couple of links you might have missed:
Decor Inspiration: Lovely details!
Tablescape Inspiration: In love with Vintage!
Fashion Inspiration: The Mini Purse
Summer Decor: Bright & Breeze
A classic: Vintage Florals!

Thank you so much for all your comments!!! Your support and friendship inspires me. I couldn't do it without you!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!! Any fun plans?

* nothing like a fabulous white blouse with a cute brooch!! classic beauty!

{Image via Happenstance}


Sarah Klassen said...

Hello lady!

Lovely post -- such a beautiful image + fabulous links that I cannot wait to visit... I hope you have some normalcy this weekend, and plenty of fun :)

Thinking of you,

♥Aubrey said...

Have a wonderful weekend hun. A picnic sounds absolutely ideal...ENJOY!!!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Hi there honey, hope you have a really lovely weekend.

I just loved your links especially that blue wing chair and thank you for the link to DJA :)

xxx DJ

Daniella said...

Hi Sasha! What a lovely photos... i've always loved a little sparkle! So fun... I hope you have a wonderful weekend though... the beach and a picnic sounds perfect!

Courtney said...

Hello there! I hope you enjoy your weekend, too! I will be trying to catch up on some wedding planning for two wonderful brides and decor for my master bedroom!

I am in love with this model's whispy up 'do. Sigh.

Where My Heart Is said...

I had a lovely time clicking on all your weekend links. I particularly loved the repetto ballet flats and the velvet wing-backed chair used as an office chair.
Have a great week-end, enjoy the beach :)

Susan said...

love this photo :)

Charlotta Ward said...

Lovely post and so many yummy links as usual. Thank you! xx

Yes the weekend was fantastic. We went to the amazing 'Tarronga Zoo' with the kids on Saturday and spent the whole day looking at the beautiful animals, including a new born elephant.. Can it get cuter than that!?!
Yesterday we pottered around here, played in the garden and then had a very sweet baby sitter entertain Oscar & Isabella whilst I and Marshall went to dinner with friends at the Victoria Rooms (a must when in Sydney!). Feel relaxed, fulfilled and ready to tackle a new week.

Hugs and happy Monday to you!

xx Charlotta

v [ hobovogue ] said...

love your inspo and ideas :)

and yea she's stunning. jawline muchh and her incredible hair... and eyes :[

<33 [v] hobovogue

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