Monday, August 30, 2010

A quiet Morning in Ivory & White

Nothing like a soft palette of whites & ivory to start a quiet morning...! Love the simplicity of the white ceramic... and the softness of ivory sheets...! Simple things that make the morning routine oh so very special!!

As I shared before I am going through a vintage trophies phase... doesn't the book case look adorable with those pieces spread around?

Hope you have a lovely day!

{Image via My Home Ideas & Style Files}


Cara said...

That's how I in-vision my kitchen :)

Ella @ The Princess and the P said...

I love these pictures.. the kitchen looks so clean and simple, even if it IS in fact a bit cluttered (but aren't all kitchens? ;)) and that bedroom.. so romantic and cozy!

Nicole Franzen said...

love that kitchen! I want it! :)

tanvi @ now craving said...

I've been digging ivory palettes recently- that kitchen is a dream!

Charlotta Ward said...

My Swedish heart is singing in joy of all this ivory and neutral goodness!! :)

Loving both images and wish that would be my life right now..! (sadly it isn't as I am swamped with work and taken off all types of bread by my naturapath doctor..)

Hugs to you!
xx C

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