Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chloe Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. Pure & Simple!

True to the minimalist nature of Chloe this S/S Collection was all about simple lines, pure colors with no prints and no complexities...with an air of femininity in the sheer skirts in sun ray pleats or tulle! The color pallet was full of crispy whites and shades of nudes with an odd pop of carnelian red. Practical simplicity at it best!

As with life, the older I get the more I appreciate the simple things... I guess you could easily apply it to Chloe... the older {or how I like to put it, the more experience I get} the more I appreciate pure, simple & chic style! The only thing I would add to this looks is a fabulous bag!!


The Refined Savage said...

I LOVED the Chloe collection...simple, feminine and not boring!

Susan said...

my type of thing! :)
I hope you are doing fabulous, darling Sasha!

Michelle said...

So beautiful, I love how flowy and fresh it is

Priscila Peters said...

The collection is stunning. Very feminine and I love the fact that the models are wearing flat shoes. Love it!

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