Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: A Family Portrait!

Love this editorial.. done entirely in camel shades... so very chic! Perfect for a family portrait... how adorable are those little girls? Totally smitten with the last picture {need.want. the camel coat on the left side}. I just can't wait to get together with my mother and my sister and do something fun all dressed up in camel shades!

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!


Fé... said...

This is such a beautiful editorial. I love it so much. The idea of putting 3 generation of the family in a single film is just fabulous. Not to mention the gorgeous outfit. Beige is so Chloe, which I love so much!

Carina said...

i love these tones! quite dream like x

Zondra Art said...

I lake it!

Nice and happy weekend.

Kiran said...

Fabulous, doll!

Mia said...

this is a great editorial! :) Love tones in these.


Julie Ling said...

the content on your blog makes me happy! i am following you as of now :) !

f ashioncont a gious

Daniella said...

This is just too sweet!

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