Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: Warm & Cool!

Shearling jackets are a key trend this fall.... actually shearling everything is very in this season, from gloves, to boots with shearling accents, to vests... it's the ultimate aviator urban glam look! The snood is also once again set to be fall's must-have accessory... and the chunky wool-blend cable-knit snood provides the perfect accent to any fall look!

I remember I used to have a shearling coat in my late teens... would be actually kind of cool getting a one once again! Hope you have an excellent day!

{Image via The Fashion Spot}


Deb - Pink Pig said...

I love Shearling! I love up in the Adirondack Mountains where dressing for winter is key and certainly a big change from living in Manhattan. I purchased an aviator hat last year and i now on the hunt for another pair of fabulous boots.. Any thoughts??

Cara said...

love everything here!

Val said...

I love these looks!

C said...

Carmen Kass makes every piece look fantastic! I love the styling and thick knits mixed in.

Susan said...

love the colors!

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