Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Coffee Break!

Ohh Dears... so many things to do before the end of year that a coffee break sounds like a perfect mid-morning breather! I would actually love to be able to go for a coffee break with all fabulous you... Hope that next year I have a chance to meet face to face with some of my blogger friends!!

I decided that before the end of year I'm cleaning up the closets and taking all the clothes to Goodwill or Church!! If we want new things to come our way we have to get ride of our old things...!! And different that other times, I kept asking as I went through my clothes yesterday "Does this represent the women I want to portrait...?" Instead of the typical question: how many times I've used it, can I get another use, etc... I focused if the clothes represented who I am today... and ohh dears that was so much easier...!! Are you cleaning closets? Any end of year project?

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