Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: Baby It's Cold Outside....

It's been colder than usual this past couple of days.... and I have been craving one of those chunky black and white sweaters!!! Love them all! Every time I see one I immediately think of apres-ski hot chocolate by the fire.... after a long day of powder snow skiing!!!

Hope you are having a warm day!

{Image via Fashion Gone Rogue}


Some Style... said...

oh, love the knit wear! we are all snowed in today..snowing non-stop! ;)

keep warm, too sweets! xoxo

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Fashionlover said...

Beautiful pics...

classiq said...

the last photo is amazing. Love the flowy transparent pleated skirt, the cozy knitted sweater and the white fur hat. I loved D&G collection

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