Saturday, December 11, 2010

Have a glam weekend + Link Love

Hope you had a great week!! Are you done with your Holiday decor? I decided to have one more tree in my house... so we will be just finishing all the Christmas decor baking and just enjoying a quiet weekend after a couple of weeks of just running around. My mother left on Thursday back to Argentina and I am so grateful of the 3 weeks we got to spent together... we had a blast!!

Here are a couple of links you might like:

Ready to go skiing!

I just bought this book!

Before and after glam bedroom furniture!

All I want for Christmas everything from this and this and this fabulous lists!

60 ways to make life simpler {and worry free}.

Subtle Holiday Decor...

Weekend Cocktail... Rose Martini

Runaway Inspiration: Chanel ~ The Paris Byzance Show

Thank you to all the nice comments and lovely messages...!! I know I have been a little bit lost, not visiting enough blogs or commenting but the last couple of months between the kids, the house, work and blogging it has been harder than ever... I have so many emails that I have not been able to answer that I just feel so bad. My apologies... and I'll try to get much better and organizing all my time so I cam do everything!!!

Hope you have a fantastic glam weekend, any party going around?


Kristin said...

Glam weekend, yes, please!!! I'm so enjoying this weekend!!!!! Today I will wrap a lot of Christmas gifts and play loud Christmas music :)


Priscila Peters said...

The dress is gorgeous and the dog is adorable. But I really love that first image! It's stunning.

Simply Seductive said...

Love, love your pics... I had a fabulous weekend and finally put up the Christmas tree! I hope your weekend was lovely, Sasha!

p.s. thank you for the link love...

All the very best,

Linda, xo

ko said...

LOVE this dress. Any idea where I can buy it? It wld be perfect for my holiday party!

ko said...

This dress would be perfect for my holiday party! Do you know the designer? A girl can dream...

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