Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Inspiration: Decorating with Vintage Silver!

I have been saving this picture for some time now... I simply love it! I am taking all my vintage silver trophies and trays out and even thought I don't have an open cabinet/shelves to decorate I am going to use this as an inspiration for the coffe table in my living room... what do you think? Quick question, how can i Do a snow effect in a very subtle way? have you done before, what have you used?

BTW, if you are looking for some great Holiday Inspiration I bought 4 of Martha Stewart's old Christmas books on Amazon and they are filled with inspiration and crafty projects. I'll be sharing more of this books on the coming days!

{Image via Martha Stewart}


Loan Train said...

I LOVE Martha Stewart. I regret getting rid of any of her magazines over the years. But I have kept one of her first gardening books I found in a Thrift Store. YAY! Can't wait for more pictures. bring them on! Thanks! Merry Christmas! ; }

Western Renaissance said...

Yes to decorating with vintage silver!!! I have found really beautiful pieces at estate sales, secondhand stores, and Etsy that were very affordable and multi-functional. And love for Martha of course.

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