Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bookshelves Decor

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<span class= Love when bookshelves are decorated with little vintage trophies, personal tokens, little gold leaf frames... and a lot of fabulous books!!! I am going to be working on re-arranging my bookshelves this weekend.. my only problem is I literally loose track of time because I start rediscovering my own books...!

*For more bookshelves inspiration go {here}, {here} and {here}.

{Image via Lonny Mag}


Bella @Bellgetsreal said...

I love the feel and look of these bookshelves. i have lived here for 6 years and still have not taken my books out of their boxes. Great inspiration.

Edwina@FASHION+ART said...

Bookshelves that showcase only books are a bit boring, no matter how exciting the titles or spines may be. These are so much more interesting.

Laurie Grassi said...

These are lovely! Books are a huge part of decorating to me and always have been. (And is it terrible of me to say that if someone doesn't have books in their home, I kinda wonder about them...!).

Rachael said...

My books were the first thing I unpacked when we moved into our house. I'm lucky enough to have a whole room dedicated to my books (I have a lot - over 450 last count), so it was so nice to have one room already set up and calm when the rest of the house was still chaos of painting and boxes and mess. I have lots of personal little knickknacks mixed in, but none of my books are stacked, because I need to be able to pull them out without disrupting everything else!

Love.Luck.Kisses&Cake said...

The teal book shelf with the pink books is my favorite!

Lou said...

I love this, these photos look great!

natural area rugs said...

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