Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: Lovely Details..!

.... dying to get my hands on a white blouse with a fabulous bow tie...!! Love it, so chic! And since we are in the topic of chic and dying to have, Celine Boston Tote handbag is another item on my never ending wish list..!! Such a classic bag... and yes it starting to be everywhere around but I would willingly join the crowd!!

Hope you are having a very chic day!


Some Style... said...

oh, those are so my style..i want that bag so bad! ;) xoxo

Giselle said...

The Celine bag is also on my wish list! :)

Josie ♥ Savoir Weddings ♥ said...

I am DESPERATE for a shirt like that. Where oh where can I find one?

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