Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Look of the day..! Scarf Inspiration

... always on the look for new ways to wear a scarf! I'm definitely going to try this simple & chic style! Have you used it like this before?

Hope yo had a great day! I'm super busy with new consulting business..!



Fay said...

yes i like the look of the scarf but am intrigued by the jacket
it looks folded up ?
bon chance with your work im sure it will go well fay xx

Splenderosa said...

Scarfs will be the newest trend in accessories this year. Because they are lovely & needed. xx's
Come see my new Page 2 on my blog, showing my jewelry. xx's

The enchanted home said...

I have been a scarf fan for a long time, to me they don't come in or out of style. As I have pared down my style and wardrobe, less is more...I have relied more on scarves to dress things up or down, and own a very big collection of cashmere, pashmina, silk and wool scarves depending on my mood. I think they are underestimated just how much they can change the feeling of any outfit.

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