Tuesday, January 11, 2011

She's a Lady + Hello!

Hello lovelies! I'm back... and after a long weekend of boyscout camping I am now totally insanely drawn to sophisticated girly things.... like soft fabrics in clear tones, classic silhouettes, thin & delicate jewelry..... even the very ohh so fabulous Andy Warhol Perfume Polaroid {I think it would look fantastic in a closet!}.

How was your weekend? Thank you so much for your comments.... it was such a breath of fresh civilized and fabulous air... as if I was still connected to a fabulous group of ladies that where cheering for me to do my very best in this adventure...!! I was the only mother of the pack... and yes I wore lipgloss all through out the camping... but I never once complained...!! I did it!!!

{Image via 1.2. Andy Warhold Polaroid via RDujour.}

1 comment:

Daniella said...

Good to see your back in one piece! lol... I haven't been camping since girl guides! Hope you had fun :)

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