Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring 2011 Makeup Trend {Stella McCartney}

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THE LOOK: Low-maintenance beauty does English romance.
MAKEUP: Fresh, beautiful skin, groomed brows, subtly flushed cheeks and clear balm with a slightly pink tone on lips. There is a little bit more blush than usual this season,” said the Makeup artist Pat McGrath —a nod to the collection’s muted feminine florals.

I've decided to recap what are some of the fashion, beauty & decor trend for Spring 2011... I don't know about you but since fashion since to be moving faster than usual and we are already seeing trends for Fall 2011 I need to go back and look at different fashion collection before I start planning my new season Shopping! I chose Stella McCartney to start with because she is by far on of my fav fashion designers! Let me know if you like this idea of recapping Spring trends!

On a lighter note... I just can't wait to watch RHOBH tonight..!

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Cybelle e Fabi said...

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xox Cybelle & Fabi

Rachael said...

Oooh, I like this! So understated and pretty. I'm so over clumpy mascara these days.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, but I don't understand how this makeup look is "trendy." It's called wearing little to no makeup, which low maintenance and, not meant in an egotistical way, naturally pretty women such as myself "wear" every day. Maybe it is a trend though, consider that half the young adult population looks as though they've simply dipped their faces into orange paint. Women and girls need to understand that applying makeup is about subtly enhancing your NATURAL features, that trying to completely change the color of your skin with foundation and bronzer, or applying 6 coats of jet black mascara to blonde eyelashes. Ladies, be happy with what you were born with!

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