Monday, January 3, 2011

What I Love Today: 2011 Jack and Lulu Calendar

2011 Calendar ~ Jack and Lulu

.... it might be that the color pantone for 2011 is Honeysuckle or maybe not.... but I'm so ready to start a feminine year and surround myself with pretty things!! And what better way than to start with this lovely Jack and Lulu Calendar? Love it! Would definitely add en extra pizazz to any office!

Hope you are off to a great new week!


Some Style... said...

so so lovely! what image had October? ;) xoxo

things that sparkle said...

Oh I absolutely love these. Perfect gift too! Thanks for stopping by Things That Sparkle said...

How pretty!! And unique.

Little Pink Rain Boots said...

So cute and simple, I'd love just carry around the colorful cards in my bag.

The enchanted home said...

Those are sooo cute. I will definietly have to find out where I can but them, love the colors and the cute little stand, very chic.
Would you mind checking out my blog since I really value the opinion of my fellow bloggers whose blogs I think are super well done? Thanks so much!

LOVE your site and waking up every morning to see whats new!

pretty pink tulips said...

Gave this to all my out of town girlfriends...then sad I didn't save one for me. Tonight, out of the blue, a friend/neighbor stopped by with a gift - and it was this calendar. A good omen for the year ahead, I think!

Love all your posts...I read EF often!!
~ Elizabeth

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