Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BEAUTY: DIY Salt Scrubs

<span class= need to try this!! It's so easy and there are endless possibilities plus it makes for a great gift!!! After a long winter spend all cover up from head to toes.... gently exfoliation is as a great way to prepare your skin for spring by removing all the dead skin... plus is also great to remove toxins...!! I usually start using a salt scrubs maybe once a week around this time of year and start using a tan building body lotion... so when the weather starts getting warmer...I'm ready to show some sun tan fresh looking skin!!

Here is how to do it:

* 2 cups of salt (Epsom salt, sea salt, kosher salt or table salt)
* 1 cup of body oil {I use a lavender body oil that contains several essential oils but you can simply use any oil you have in your home}
* Essential oils {I always add different essential oils.. depending on how I'm feeling... from orange essential oil to lavender, jazmin or rose...etc}
* Bottle or jar with lid or cap (for gift-giving)

If you want to add some strong citric smell and some color you can add some lemon zest. Or add a couple of drops of vanilla extract for a dash of warm color. And you can keep playing with different oils to honey...!!

1. Pour your salt into a mixing bowl. I usually like mixing different salts {Epsom+kosher salt are what I usually do}. FYI: Sea salt and kosher salt have bigger crystals and are closer in texture to the salt used in a spa treatment.

2. Add the oil that you are using. Start with a small amount and continue until the mix reaches your desired consistency (a thick paste is good, but you may want more or less oil depending on how moisturizing you want the mix to be).

3. Add the essential oil/s.

4. If you are giving it as a gift I think adding a nice lavender stick.. specially if you are using lavender essential oil.

.... and voila you are ready to use!!


Fabulousonabudget said...

Love this!!! We'll haev to give it a try! Beats paying tons of $$$$ for store bougth brands! xoxo

Kirby said...

I've been hoping to find a DIY for something like this! I want to make this as a gift to my bridesmaids. you just made my month!

xo Kirby

Rachael said...

I love this! I bet it smells great. And I love the idea of adding citrus zest!

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