Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Real People, Real Closets {Shoes}

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... I can get enough the blog The Coveteur... not only you get fabulous fashion inspiration... but you get a pick into super stylish closets..!! Love this options for organizing shoes... specially since I was thinking of taking pictures of my shoes last week to make it more visual.....!!

For option one you can get a great bookcase {here} or you can use a shoe rack {as seen in pic #3} from {here}.For option 2, I would recommend to use as much as possible the same shoe box to create a more tidy look... you can use boxes from {here} or you can use transparent boxes {practical but not my cup of tea}.. or you can simple get a nice wrapping paper on your shoe boxes you already have....!

How do you organize your shoes?

{1&2, 3}


Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

OMG i WISH i had those shoes!!!!!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Ambyr said...

The book case/cubbies are amazing. This would be a dream shoe closet.
Mine are across the bottom of my closet, then I used crates to create higher levels... the shoes are in a stepping format, so 1 of each shoe is in the front... makes room for more shoes, instead of side by side.

Love this post!

Edwina@FASHION+ART said...

Ambyr, 1 of each shoe in front instead of side-by-side. Simple, and brilliant!

Caton Ann said...

I adore this idea, how much prettier would every girl's closet be if shoes were displayed like this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these lovely ideas!!:D

Samantha @ Black Velvet Chair said...

Great inspiration, it is a shame to have your pritties not displyed! I am using the Billy Bookcase with glass doors from Ikea- looks great. There is a peak on my blog :) XX Samantha
PS: Off to Check out The Coveteur.

Princess said...

This is so great! On our blog, we have 2posts on how do we organize our shoes, feel free to visit:

Macarena - Chic et Posh said...

Fabulous! Loved all of these ideas! Thanks for sharing! Xo

Tiziana said...

Very beautiful ideas!

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