Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Morning! + A Lovely Vignette

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....hope you had a great weekend!! Can you believe February is almost over..?? I'm still feeling like early January... although I'm looking forward to brightening my decor with dashes of Spring...!! And one piece I would love to bring home... is the classic orange Hermes Tray....!!! I looked tiredly on Ebay.. but nothing!! Hoping one day I just stumble upon it at some antique place in West Palm...!! Love this cute vignette with layers of goodies done in the classic side V...!!

Anyway, hope you have a fabulous last day of February!


b. said...

i can hardly believe that the month is up! we are rapidly heading towards the end of the first quarter of the year!

i love that image, my dream is to have a wall covered in pictures like that, i keep collecting images and frames so i can get to it as soon as i have walls that aren't so solid that you can't get a nail in!


Rachael said...

I love the fabric-wrapped plant pots!

Bradley said...

WHERE can I get this tray? I know it's vintage but does anyone have an idea where I can purchase this Hermes wonder?

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