Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Relaxing Weekend + Links

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.....ahh finally the weekend is here!! I'm actually enjoying the quietness and relaxing vibe of cold days...!! Looking forward to finishing a couple of projects in the house... nice family dinner... and yes super bowl {there is no way I can escape from this one with my husband and two boys...}. How about you, any fun super bowl party?

Here are a couple of links I enjoyed this week:

Need to get this book {great inspiration plus will add a touch of pink to my coffee table..!}

Fabulous Spring 2011 Accessory style list

A nice February Calendar for your desktop

Generate your own stripes and your own tartan!!

Drink: Raspberry Mojito

Always remember ...

All about Valentine's:

DIY Cupid's arrow Cupcake + treat bag toppers

Enamored Pencil Set

Spicy Red Picks

A Valentine's full of Glam & Glitter!

Valentine's Day-Kid's Table...

Cups of warmth + love!

Printable Class Valentine's

A couple of posts you might have missed:
Fashion Inspiration: Street Style
Decorating with Brass
Wedding Inspiration: Rustic Flower Bouquet
Cocktail Time..!
Decorating with Potted Citrus Trees!

Thank you all for all your fabulous comments and emails... you guys are really the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend...!! See you Monday.... Ciao Bellas!!!



Bella @Bellgetsreal said...

Love all the valentine links!

pS having a giveaway, I hope you'll join in.

Rachael said...

Such cheerful links!

Fay said...

WHAT a FABULOUS PICTURE im instsntly relaxing ! thankyou fay xx

Atessa Nicole said...

amazing photo!

designchic said... relaxing ~ going to check out all the links. Thanks for sharing!!

Charlotta Ward said...

Loving the photo and all your fabulous links. You are always so generous! Thank you.

x Charlotta

classiq said...

Wow, it's beautiful!

classiq said...

Wow, it's beautiful!

The enchanted home said...

Had a nice weekend...superbowl party, not that I care so much gotta admit but ate like food was going out of style..dangerous! Love that picture, wish that was me, so peaceful! Read a great book if you are interested, The dead end gene pool...excellent! Wanted to invite you to stop by for my first ever giveway, a gorgeous french chair! So excited....

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