Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Intimate Morning......

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...nothing like waking up wrapped in a luscious jersey pretty pink bodysuit with embroidery details to feel happy, or what's even better.... special!!! This would be a perfect morning... pretty lingerie, coffe and the newspaper!!!I would love to take the time through out the year to pamper myself this way... and not just leave it for Valentine's and special occasions..!!

Hope you have a pretty day!!

{Image via Dress,Design & Decor}


ClaraAnne said...

That first image is gorgeous, adore the sparkly details on the camisole and that pretty feline mask!

Shannon said...

Perfection! Anthro body suit + coffee and reading is my equivalent to a spa day.

Nicole C said...

I agree with Shannon, the lovely pjs + coffee in bed sounds amazing on this tuesday morning!! thanks


kimchicsisters said...

1st picture is gorgeous!

check out our blog! xo

Tea Joeli said...

Great blog and pics

KatherineBee said...

Love that first photo!

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