Friday, February 25, 2011

New Hair Color!

....I've read some time ago that there is really no hair color trend for 2011 but rather changing color is the new thing to do!!! And out of the blue, and not really triggered from this article, I walked into Target yesterday and decided right there that it was time for a change... so I went home and got busy... 30minutes later.... gone where the bright blond highlights... and Hello Light Golden Brown..!!! My husband got back from a trip last night... and was happily surprised...!! Truth be told, I actually felt more sophisticated this morning...!! Will see how long it last... but for now I love it!!!

Now you know I have to ask, if you where to change your hair color... what color would you choose??


Laura said...

I actually just went back to darker brown after having blonde highlights for many years - love it! My color is fading, though,because my highlights underneath were so light. I'm considering using a drugstore brand to pump it back up a little, but I'm scared to try. Does anyone recommend a particular brand/type??

Tina said...

Changing color is fun (though I say this when I am the biggest chicken out there and havent' changed in YEARS) but I get my hair chaning impulsions lived vicariously thorugh my good friend who changes her color almost as often as she brushes her teeth..I kid you not. Never know what color she will be.....she is a very pretty girl so nothing looks bad but its fun to see her in her many different creations of color!

Anonymous said...

I saw the other day on TV the new hair style of Jennifer Aniston, and I realy like it!!! Last year I change the color of my hair to dark blond, but I'm going back to the highlights!:)
Lovely weekend!

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