Monday, February 21, 2011

Sheryl Crow Hollywood Estate + A Touch of Black

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... hope you had a great weekend! We are enjoying a long things are a little bit slower today!!

Even though it's all about color lately I found myself drawn over and over again to black accessories... a desk, a lamp, a couple of leather chairs...I think they add such a character o a room!

To see more of Sheryl Crow's house go {here}.BTW you need to get the latest issue of AD... it's really fabulous {I actually subscribed last week!!}.


Ambyr said...

I agree, the black accessories add a touch of sophistication. The pink flowers and white couch add a great punch of color without being overwelming.
Happy Monday!

Deanna Pai said...

I love that black desk, and its position in front of the window is perfect. I could sit there for hours myself.. what a wonderful way to start a week!

Sal said...

I love the vibe and spread of her house- thank you for sharing =) Always love seeing what you find...

styleforlife said...

Love her house!
xx Emily of EL Vintage

designchic said...

I was so surprised when I read the new's fabulous!! Sheryl Crow's home is amazing.

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