Monday, March 21, 2011

Decor Inspiration: A Blue Corner

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... now this little blue corner brings a smile to my face! I actually have been looking into changing our family room sofas, and have been tossing around with the idea of some blue couches with white piping!! I think they look chic, charming and informal.. perfect for a family room ruled by two boys!! What do you think? I currently have more traditional khaki sofas with blue piping... cute but I'm ready for a color change..... and yes I do love piping for a family room...I guess is the preppy in me!

Here is a more tone down blue sofa with white piping!

{Image 1. Photographed by Stacey Van-Berkel Haines via Style at Home 2.unknown, please let me know the source if you know.}

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Kelly V said...

Love it! That would be beautiful. But what about white doggie hairs? I remember when my mom put a dark blue carpet in my brothers room, thinking it would hide spots. Instead, it showed every piece of lint... Drove her crazy!

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