Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Decor Inspiration: A Bright New Day!

Nothing like waking up to beautiful flowers and a white crisp bedroom to set you on your way to a bright new day..!!! How's your week going?

Hope you have a beautiful day!

{Image via here & here}


(amanda) said...

gorgeous photos! my week is going great so far, hopefully it wont rain too much today, xo.

Leigh said...

ahhhh gorgeous!!!! i love these photos :)

Maycie (pending new last name) said...

I agree. I love waking up to a white room. It's just clears my mind. I'm having an awesome week so far. Thanks for asking.

Andrea @ said...

I love to see home decor done right in white! Easier said than done! I just found your blog, its lovely!

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