Thursday, March 10, 2011

Decor Inspiration: If I would have a new kitchen this is what it would look like..!!

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..after such a long title, I guess there is no much to add..!! Not seriously, I'm so in love with this kitchen.. in so many ways! The color, the layout , the rustic table, the very well placed open shelves, the book library {OMG!!}...!! And truth be told, I have always preferred floor to ceiling white kitchens with carrera marble.. so it's quite a stretch.. but I literally I love it!

If you have a new kitchen, what would it look like?

{Image scanned and edited by myself from House&Home Canada December 2010}


Daniella said...

Ohhhh lovely! Very dramatic!

Emy said...

What an amazing kitchen! I am in love. Those tiles. Definitely keeping this in mind for my future home:)

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