Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Decor Inspiration: A Pure and Basic White Bathroom

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I guess you could say today I'm enjoying the simple things in life...! Maybe is because of everything that is happening in Japan... or maybe not; but today I'm feeling smitten with the beauty of simplicity. Like this serene and charming white bathroom....! Love how the design stayed true to the architecture of the 1920s cottage but was enhanced with modern accessories, like the Industrial Base vanity. Even the frameless mirrors bring a modern simplicity to the room... don't you think?

{Image via
House Beautiful April 2011 Scanned and edited by myself}


DailyDreamDecor said...

agree, I absolutely love it and the flowers make it even more beautiful!

Fay said...

hi Sasha White is wonderful to visit but for everyday relaxation I like to have my beautiful things around me Fay x

Rachael said...

I love the simplicity and calm of an all-white bathroom (and everything looks so clean!). Gorgeous!

Julie Khuu said...

All white rooms usually call for some stunning architecture, be it wall to wall wood boarding (like you've shown) or some major element to really let that white shine...I love that even the simple silver fixtures retreat into the background and act as little accessories in this case. I just want to sink into that tub and light some candles! Ahhhhh...I'm relaxed :D Thanks for sharing Sasha!


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