Monday, March 28, 2011

Decor Inspiration: Soft & Simple

Love the serenity of the bedroom with its cream walls and its strong design. When decorating I love introducing something unexpected, in this case the African stool, that brings some softness and balances out the strong lines of the design! I always have a soft spot for white/cream walls and dark wood floors, and I guess I can also say the same thing for dark wood ceiling...!!

Hope you had a relaxing weekend and are off to a great week!



The Iconic Blog said...

Luscious and lovely.xx


KC said...

What a lovely and serene image! wish i woke up there this Monday morning!

Kris said...

That splash of pink makes it so perfect!

Ambyr said...

This room is so peaceful and inviting. I didn't even notice the weiling at first, it blended in so nicely. What a great idea.

Happy Monday,

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