Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DIY Spring Projects: RickRack Pillowcases

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I think this is such a cute project for your kids or even your guest room sheets. Actually I am thinking I could even do it in some white napkins to bring some spring color {see what I'm telling you pretty soon I'll be rick racking everything}.

Instructions:Gluing rickrack in place makes it a snap to sew; dot trim's points with fabric glue, and, using a ruler to keep a straight line, lay rickrack on fabric. Let dry. Sew with clear thread.

Source: You can buy rickrack at PurlSoho, The RIbbon Jar, Cheap Ribbons {their wholesale pricing is unbelievable.. specially when putting an event together and you need quantity! I am actually buying lots of ribbon from them for the next event I am working on}.

What Spring project do you have i mind or you are actually working on?

{Image from Martha Stewart Living via Aparment Therapy}


Ambyr said...

This is so cute. I love the red and white. It's so chic and clean looking for spring.

Thanks for sharing,

claire said...

This looks great, and quite simple to make. x


Jen S. said...

What a fun idea and so easy to do.


Anonymous said...

I am working on some spring kitchen wash cloths. I got some new yarn today, leaf, yellow, soft ecru and tangerine. I love it!! Happy Spring <3

Maycie said...

Great idea about the napkins. Would look super cute in pastels too.

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