Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anthropologie Swimwear Lookbook 2011

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.... these vintage-inspired one-piece maillots are so vava-voom, ala Marilyn!!! Love them... I just need to try them now to make sure the fit is as good as it looks! But I think they are a fun swimsuits specially to wear if invited to a pool party or a boat ride... add some cute shorts, and you look fab and stylish! My fav, for just a simple day at the beach, is the taupe bikini with the lone ruffled strap... gorgeous! To see the entire swimwear collection go {here}.

Do you like these vintage swimsuit looks?



Fay said...

ooohhhh the 2nd Taupe coloured one is beautiful

fay xx

The Aly Way said...

so beautiful, and they look quite flattering! i've always wanted to try a high-waisted bikini!

Sara B said...

So lovely and fun all at the same time! I need new suits!!

my name is sécia. said...

I saw these in their catalog the other day. I just love them!


Rachael said...

These are gorgeous!

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