Friday, April 29, 2011

Hair Inspiration: The Half and Half ~ How To

... inspired by the very sexy Brigitte Bardot, this half updo is all about old Hollywood glamour. Perfect look for when you are feeling romantic...! Great for a party but I also like balancing a super relax look of jeans and a simple t-shirt with a more polished hair look!

1. Using a large-barrel curling iron, create loose curls around your head from your ears down.
2. Part your hair in the middle. Use your fingers to separate and loosen the curls.
3. Starting halfway down the part, begin spritzing your roots with hairspray. Continue to the crown.
4. Tease the sprayed hair with a fine-tooth comb, to create height and volume.
5. With a brush gently smooth the teased hair. Gather the sides up into a half ponytail.
6. Secure the sides with pins, then use your fingers to gently shape curls into place.

...put some shine spray and are ready to go!

{Images via Martha Stewart Living scanned and edited by myself}


Sara B said...

So pretty. I was just thinking today I need to do more half-up looks with my hair :)

avid chancer said...

Your blog is wonderful. Seriously, it has a purpose/mission, is well designed, and has gorgeous pictures. Props

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Thank you avid chancer so much for your lovely words!!! you made my day!!

Sara B, happy the post timing was good for you!! I guess the Royal wedding is making me crave soft and romantic styles!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting lovely ladies!!

Francesca said...

thanks for this tutorial! :)shared it on my blog :)

A Heel in Mint said...

LOVE the hairstyle! Thanks for sharing.

Heel in Mint

Julie Khuu said...

Oooh I love this look! Perfect mix of bombshell and classic glamour...would definitely rock this for all my spring events coming up...Thanks for sharing Sasha!


Haute Khuuture Blog

Phoebe said...

I love how this hairstyle looks. Unfortunately, I can't wear teased hair to save my life. It just doesn't tease. I even got my friend, who participates in pageants (so she teases hair all the time), to try. Alas.

designchic said...

Such a gorgeous and soft style...hope your weekend is wonderful, Sasha!

mnemonique said...

thanks for the tips, I will use them, but i think I must wait a little bit, my fringe is still too short :(

Ivana said...

Wow, this is one of the most beautiful hair dos I´ve seen in a long time! I will definitely try this, thanks so much for the inspiration and the tutorial!
Your blog is so amazing, beautiful and inspirational! I check it everyday, and I always find something beautiful!!!

xx Ivana

Beauty Tutorials said...

Yes! I tried this look for school today and i got so many compliments.

Fashion Sac said...

Love the hair ties, they come in such cute varieties! <3

Fashion Factory said...

Love the hair ties; they come in such cute varieties! <3

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