Friday, April 15, 2011

Kids Easter Inspiration!

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Love experiencing any holiday through the eyes of my kids... and Easter is probably one of my favorites!! The excitement in their faces when they are searching for eggs around the house is priceless!! I'll be finishing my Easter decor in the house this weekend! Totally smitten with the flower vases bunnies {you can get them at Pottery Barn}, and how about the kids table ready for some eggs decoration... so cute! I'll also be crafting some tags for their baskets..!! Still lots of things to do..!!

*For more Easter inspiration go {here} and check out the photo album on facebook {here}!

Ohh I'm so excited... I was nominated in the 25 Moms with Style..wuaww!! I need your help... you can vote once a day until April 28th...!! please please please!!! Thank you so much!!!



meme-and-he said...

beautiful! I love the bright easter eggs-makes me want to go paint some right now! Love your blog :)

Melissa said...

wow i love all of your easter inspiration! i'm so excited to color eggs this year! love your blog, i just started following. stop by mine if you'd like!

Astrid Mueller said...

Gotta love cute bunnies! Cute cute cute. Always. Ok I officially shouldn't leave a comment when I'm a) hungry and b) it's close to midnight. haha. Thanks for sharing the lovely fuzzy bunnies though!

Cindy said...

A great inspiration and very creative ... this is a art ,i like !!! :)

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