Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding

...and they lived happily ever after!! Wouldn't that be the perfect ending after a wedding like today? I watched every detail since 4am this morning... and I was swoon by the love they share, the wedding gown and every detail of the event! How about you? What was the highlight of the wedding?

...and love this picture that shows the engagement ring that once belonged to the beloved Lady Di!

For more picture go {here}.

8 comments: said...

my favorite was the drive in the aston martin at the end, just loved it!!!

Karena said...

A most precious and memorable day!

Have a Royal Weekend!

Art by Karena

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Fay said...

Hi Sasha it WAS a FABULOUS DAY for all of us arent the flowers just soo pretty Love fay xx

Wendy G. Ewurum said...

Where can I find the highlight can you point me in the right direction. I couldn't watch :(

Anonymous said...

Yes, I cried like a baby for some reason! I was not into watching this wedding but when I did, I was SOOOOOOO moved! It was so beautiful and seemed to radiate hope in the world, at present when so many horrible thigns are going on. Also, you know Diana would be so very, very proud of her son and that Diana would love Kate Middleton and her family. The British are so poised and truly know how to show decorum and pagentry. It was magical from start to finish. William will be of benefit to this world, wait and see...

Vanessa Elizabeth | Ruffled Rose said...

This is by far my favourite image from the wedding. Absolutely beautiful! It was such a joy to see them exchange vows.

Candice said...

There so many favourite moments for me...When Harry and Wills were driving to the church together, I nearly cried just thinking about how perfect it would have been if their mother had been around. And of course, who can forget the balcony kiss? There's such obvious love and friendship between Kate and William, it's hard not to feel overjoyed for them!

Noemi said...

I was so emotional it was all so beautiful she was perfect in every way,they appear to be very much in love, I loved it all from 4am until gosh I think it was 1pm the next day that I finally took a break!
♥ Noemi
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