Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trend Inspiration: Time for Fedoras

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...nothing screams style like a hat that compliments an outfit!! Is that extra layer of chicness that you add to your look that makes a women stand apart form the rest! Also, it makes the prefect accessory for those rainy April days!! I'm totally coveting that pink fedora with initials...I guess I am adding that to my shopping list!!

How do you feel about fedoras? Do you use them?



my name is sécia. said...

Love that first one! So cool.

Sweet D. said...

I also love the first photo. I guess the hate isn't really a fedora, since it has the larger, floppier brim, but it looks great with the stripes! That last photo as well, makes me wish it were still winter. So chic.


Margaret said...

lovve i want a big floppy one to wear with my new jumpsuit! great post!


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