Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Decor Inspiration: Cute Offices in Living Room

Who said that creating an office space in the middle of the living room needs to bring your decor down? Love how these two cute living-room offices, with their distinct personality  and lovely desks, create a charming corner. A cute lamp, some interesting details such as book ends or a vintage feather pen, always adds a layer to the decor! Where do you have your office space?

{Images via 1.Lonny magazine 2.Martha Stewart Living scanned and edited by myself}


Blue Fruit said...

Very elegant examples. Now if there was a way to magically disappear all that paperwork as well, I would be in heaven!

Une Fée said...

Love those office spaces!! Very chic!



Bec said...

just love those little corner desks!

Tess said...

great inspirational photos for office spaces

Charlotta Ward said...

You are so right and the two examples you showed are perfect.

You have a very good eye!

x Charlotta

dCc said...

I abolutely adore these office spaces! That second one is perfection!


mominrome said...

very nice pictures|

I really like the style. ;)

Susan said...

I would totally need one! :)

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