Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{Video} DIY Glass Domes Decor

I adore glass domes! It's such a versatile, charming accessory to style with. From coffee tables, to cute trays and even a nice tablescape... they always add an extra layer of loveliness to the decor. And after watching this cute video I'm so inspired to start creating some charming glass domes for my house, my friends and why not maybe even my kid's teachers! It really looks so easy!!

What you'll need:
* Glass Domes, you can buy them at Glass Domes or ebay has a great selection
* Mod Podge
* For decoupage: Posters or wrapping paper, get them at any paper store.
* For Butterflies: Stem wire, get them {here} or at any floral supply store.
Butterflies, you can get them at Butterflies and Things.

Another option for your Spring tablescapae is to use one or two glass domes as centerpiece.  I recommend spray painting the base in white. Once dried, place a small flower bouquet on each  base, cover with glass dome and voila.. you have a charming Spring centerpiece!

Let's have a super creative Wednesday!!

{Image via Laura Day}

1 comment:

Taryn said...

love this idea! will look great anywhere in my house, have to try it.

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