Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flower Love: Ranunculus!

Have a beautiful day!



Blue Fruit said...

Stunning image ~ the very essence of prettiness.

Kristin said...

You too!!! Beautiful flowers :)

xx Kristin

Julie said...

Thank you Sasha, you too.

Adj said...

Seriously my favorite. flower. EVER. Thank you for posting them!!!

racheena said...


I remember seeing those flowers in a shop and asked the lady what they were, but I totally forgot!

They're so beautiful :)

Cara said...

IMHO This pic looks more like peonies than ranunculus. Ranunculus have more petals and the petals are arranged in a tighter circle.

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Blue Fruit, Totally agree with you!

Thank you Kristin!! :)

Adj, ranunculus and peonies are my favorite flowers!!

Rachennsa,thank you for stopping by!! The name is hard to remember!!

Hi Cara, Usually ranunculus are tighter until they open up. Peonies are more bubble and are not arrange in perfect symmetry even after they open up. Keep in mind you have a variety of different ranunculus. I know some never open up.

Nothing like pretty flowers for Thursday!! Thank you for stopping by lovelies!! Hope your day is going great!

Anonymous said...

My favorite flower! I had to convince my grandmother that they exist :)

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