Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Morning Coffe + Pretty Lingerie!

Good morning lovelies!! Hope you had a wonderful long weekend!! I definitely need some extra coffee and good intentions to start the week after all the drinking and eating I indulged in the last couple of days!!!

Speaking about good intentions, this cute baby doll totally inspired me to just put my comfy shorts and tops away and open the drawer of lace night-gowns, glam chemise and satin nighties! At the end is about treating ourselves special... and nothing like some sheer lace baby-doll to feel glamorous! How do you sleep?

Let's have a fabulous week!

* baby doll

{Image via 1. Julia 2. Scanned by me from Neiman Marcus Catalog}


Kristin H said...

The absolute perfect morning:)

Natural Beauty said...

That's really cute! (I almost said "sweet," but that seemed redundant.) Looking forward to a 4-day week after the long weekend; it should make all good intentions easier to acheive!

sécia said...

In my sweats and a t-shirt. Not the husband's favorite. I do have some lovely nighties though and I will probably be bringing them out as it starts to warm up at night. ;)

♥ sécia

Ehsan Hajibabaie said...


Sarah Klassen said...

These are such pretty images -- perfect girly inspiration... sadly most of the time, I am in cozy chic outfits for sleep -- European and beautiful, but very, mmm, not so pretty as this. I look forward to getting married and purchasing such pretty things :)

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