Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Decor Inspiration in White, Blue & Orange!

Perfect for a summer cottage! Love the fact that the basic living room decor is done in white and blue.... so in a next season you can do white, blue and pink and keep switching the color accent! Coveting those white and blue sofas with white and blue piping...!

Have a gorgeous day!

{image scanned by myself from Style at Home June 2011}


Erica {Studio Eriksdotter} said...

darling Sasha, you never fail to inspire me! Thank you so much for this lovely post. I'd love your thoughts on my bridal bouquets...maybe where to promote them? Feel free to email me with any ideas :)

Voncele said...

Beautiful !

Ambyr said...

Oh yay for orange accents, that's what I blogged about today too!

I'm totally loving all the trimming in these sofas, so french, or something chic!


Bradley said...

I'm dying over these pictures. I love a navy + orange color combo. It looks so fresh and classic. Great post!

From California With Love said...

I love the pool picture! The other ones are nice too but for indoors I would like to change the colors from time to time.

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