Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DIY Centerpiece: Two Ways of Repurposing Your Glass Containers

If you are planning an event, wedding or intimate gathering with friends and family, a great way to decorate your centerpieces is by scattering single flower arrangements using vintage vases in different heights but with a cohesive look. You can use inexpensive glass containers and spray-paint the outisde or give ou vintage vases a lit from within by paitning the inside to obtain two different looks!

{After you amassed a collection of glass containers from your cupboard, flea market, ikea,etc; wash them and let them dry. Cover each container with two or more coat of matte spray paint _in this case white. Let them dry and add flowers!}.

{Pour 1/4 inch f glass paint into a bottle or jar and rotate it slowly, moving the paint around until the whole interior is coated. Set the bottle upside down to allow excess paint to drain out. Turn right-side up and let dry overnight. Add flowers!}.

{images via Martha Stewart Living}


Natashia said...

I love this! I have soo many spare bottles around my house, definitely going to give this a try.

sécia said...

Anemone... my favorite flower again!

♥ sécia

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