Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hair Inspiration: Chestnut Bun ~ How To

Love this new hair tutorial from A cup of Jo photographed by the talented Jamie Beck.  And even thought the look is more formal...I think it's a nice chic alternative to for those hot summer days!! What to you think?

1. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. You want the band to be pretty tight (otherwise the sides of the ponytail will droop after you do step three).

2. Next, slide your rubber band down a little so it's no longer tight against your scalp.

3. Create a little "hole" in the loosened part of your hair (between your scalp and the rubber band).

4. Pull your ponytail through the hole you just created.

5. Note: Be sure to pull the ponytail UP through the hole (instead of DOWN through the hole, like the topsy-tail we used to do in the 80s:)

6. Pull the ponytail all the way through so it hangs over the top of the rubber band. You may have to fan out the ponytail a little to create an even shape.

7. Next, loop the end of the ponytail under, towards the rubber band. If your hair is super long, you may have to wrap the ends of the ponytail around your hand a few times before you tuck it under. (I did!)

8. Pin the ends that you just tucked using a few bobby pins. Make sure it's pinned very securely. Then keep pinning the sides and bottom of the bun until it feels secure. You can spray with hairspray for extra hold, and feel free to bring some extra bobby pins for touch-ups while you're mingling and dancing all night.

{Images via photographed by Jamie Beck for A cup of Jo}


Anna said...

It's perfect!! Thanks!!

sécia said...

I love this! Totally going to try it out!

♥ sécia

Julie said...

So beautiful and simple.

Sarah Klassen said...

This is so pretty!

boofsmom said...

So easy! And I love that super light streak she has underneath in the back-a cool surprise.

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