Saturday, June 11, 2011

Have a fabulous weekend! + Link love

Hello lovelies!! Finally the weekend! Apologize for disappearing the last two days but it got so too crazy... I even had my son's Mateo's birthday party yesterday in the house {he had a fun monster pool party!}. What have you been up to this past couple of days? Anybody planning some vacations soon?

Looking forward of two days of just relaxing, enjoying some cocktails by the pool and why not maybe a glam dinner tonight!

Here are a few links you might like:

DIY: Vintage Handkerchief Save the Dates
Decor: Inspired by Jeffery Alan Marks
Shopping: Say Cheese... {Specially loving this}
Fashion: Jason WU
DIY: 5 Foodie Father's Day Printables
Decor: Patio Decor Inspiration
Tablescape: Simply Summery Green Table
Health: The best toxin free cosmetics {a list}
For them: A Well Groomed Life
Flowers: Love Hydrangeas
Fashion: How to shop a Flea
Fashion: Electric Ladyland
Inspiration: An alluring Collection

And a couple of links you might have missed:
Cocktails: Strawberry Mojito
Fashion: Tortoise Time
Entertaining: Martha's Vineyard Fete

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments!!!



SomeKindOfStyle said...

so many lovely and interesting links full of inspirations! have a great weekend, sweets! xoxo

From California With Love said...

Happy B'day Mateo!!!! :)

Jamie @ charmingly ordinary said...

I really enjoyed reading the toxin-free makeup link. The last tip about salt water is so true. Good for the skin AND your hair!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Love the links you've shared with us ... Mmmmmmm a strawberry mojito! Love it! The picture makes me more than ever in the mood for my beach vacay next week ... thanks!

Btw, our first boxed notecards, the "Summer City Girl" are available as of today ... you can see them on this week's blog post ... have a wonderful week! ;)

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

Alexa said...

Oooh great links and that photo is wonderful! Puts me in the summer mood!

la petite fashionista said...

yay, can't wait to check out some of these! i've just added a patio table outside & am looking for dining and entertaining inspiration. <3

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Thank you all for your lovley comments!!

California with love, thank you so much for your happy birthday wishes and for Mateito!!! loved it!!

Jamie, love how eye opening is that post!!!makes you think twice about buying over the counter cosmetics, no??

Sandy, ok let me check!! thank you for your lovely words!!!

Some kind of style, thank you for your words!! hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Ms.S said...

the pic remind me of ken and barbie doll..

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